Corporate Mission

Barnaby Engineering &Testing Services Limited is an independently owned and locally registered, services company. Our mission is to maintain a competitive edge by Constantly Improving the Quality of our services, through our commitment to research, development, training and standardization.

Corporate Profile

Vision and Values

Barnaby Engineering & TestingOur mission is to maintain a competitive edge by Constantly Improving the Quality of our
Services, through our commitment to research & development, training and standardization.

A highly innovative engineer founded the company in 1969. Mr. Wilson Demain found name it Inspection and Testing Services Limited. It was later renamed Reliable Engineering and Testing Services Limited, and more recently was renamed Barnaby Engineering and Testing Services with Mr. Dave Barnaby being the Managing Director.

From inception, Barnaby Engineering and Testing Services Limited established a reputation for quality in its services. Its technical staff has experience and expertise in several areas within the engineering field and is supported by an efficient Administrative Staff and a cadre of Specialists, both local and overseas. With a registered staff of over forty persons, the company is equipped to offer a comprehensive range of services to the industrial and commercial sectors globally.

Since the beginning of the 1990s the company has accelerated its program of service
development, particularly in the area of inspection and testing. By improving the level of
training of our Technical Staff, and standardizing our inspection procedures, the company
aims to fulfill the motto “Constantly Improving Quality”.

Its commitment to research, development and quality ensures a bright future for Barnaby
Engineering and Testing Services Limited.

Managing Director’s Profile

Mr. Dave Anthony Barnaby has been the Managing Director for Barnaby Engineering and
Testing Services Limited since its inception in 1983.

Mr. Barnaby was born in Savanna-la-mar, Westmoreland. He received high school education at Mannings High School where he was not only outstanding academically, but was actively involved in extra-curricula activities. An award was given to him for his active participation in the Past Student Association. Mr. Barnaby is the holder of BS’c degree with Honour in Mechanical Engineering, from the University of the West Indies. Previously, he obtained a diploma in Mechanical Engineering from the College of Arts, Science and Technology (now, University of Technology).

His long and distinguished career started at the Jamaica Public Service Company Limited.
There he spent nine (9) years before joining Maltis Demain and Associates. This laid the
foundation for the formation of Barnaby Engineering and Testing Services Limited.

As a Professional Engineer, his work within the Engineering fraternity and his contribution to a number of associations has earned him much respect. He is known for his problem solving abilities and his wide-ranging knowledge of Industrial Operations. His knowledge of boilers is highly respected in the engineering fraternity.

Mr. Barnaby is currently a Justice of the Peace and a member of the following associations:
The Jamaica Institute of Engineers (JIE)
The Jamaica Society of Non-Destructive Testing (JSNDT)
The Jamaican Association of Safety Professional (JASP)
The Jamaican Association of Industrial Safety Inspectors
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
The American Society of Appraisers (ASA)
The American Welding Society (AWS)

Mr. Barnaby strongly believes that success is achieved not only through hard word, but smart work. His keyword is “ICHIBAN” which in Japanese means “Number One”.