Barnaby Engineering & Testing Services Limited offers a wide variety of services so you only have to deal with one service company. The following are among the most frequently requested services.


Our Engineers are trained to perform inspections and tests in accordance with established codes and standards. The company is registered to provide certification for equipment, of which a copy is sent to the Ministries of Mining and Labor.

Currently, over three hundred and sixty (360) Clients benefits from our inspection services. Our computerized data base provides us with easy access to equipment information and sends timely reminders, whenever, these equipment are due for inspection.

Certifications of equipment include, but are not limited to:
Boilers, Pressure Vessels (air and steam receivers, kettles, etc.), Lifting Equipment (Cranes, Forklifts, Jacks, etc.) Generators, Compressors and Turbines, Tanker Wagons and Trucks Marine and Aviation Hoses.


The company is equipped with a wide range of test instruments to aid clients in monitoring and evaluating the status of their equipment. Our Engineers and technical personnel are trained to carry out the requisite tests:

  • Vibration Analysis and Balancing
  • Laser Checks & Alignment
  • Ultra-sonic Thickness Tests
  • Non Destructive Tests
  • Combustible Gases Tests

We ensure that our client’s product is of the highest quality by offering on-site inspection for the duration of that project. Our inspector(s) ensure that the plant is constructed in conformance with local regulations and accepted international standards. A report is submitted on a regular basis to keep the client abreast of our findings and recommendations.


This service is performed on behalf of the product which was ordered is the product delivered. As the agent of the buyer, we verify compliance with purchase specifications and standards, by monitoring fabrication and evaluating shop tests.


Tank calibration encompasses both portable tanker wagons and stationary tanks.

The Calibration of tanker wagons, are utilized mainly by the Petroleum Distributing Companies. These tanks are calibrated to the specifications of the Petroleum Companies and witnessed by the Jamaica Bureau of Standards.

The calibration of stationary above ground and underground tanks are also done for a wider cross section of clients.

Civil Engineering Works

Our Engineers are well equipped to provide structural analyses, consultation, structural assessment and report and project management services to our clients.

Tank Erection
Pipe Laying
Building Maintenance
Steel Fabrication
Pressure Gauge calibration

The company is equipped with a dead-weight tester capable of calibrating gauges to an accuracy within percent. This service has saved our clients the expense of purchasing new gauges.


The company has personnel with over twenty years’ experience in the valuation of items and machinery. Our wide variety of items includes office equipment, plant machinery, factory buildings and more.


These are done mainly in the electrical and mechanical areas of Engineering. We have experienced staff to execute installation, maintenance and refurbishing projects.

These involve:

  • Boilers : Servicing and Chemical Cleaning Refractory Installation and Drum repairs Electrical controls re-wiring and upgrade
  • Cranes : Electrical controls re-wiring and upgrades Structural and Mechanical Repairs
  • Cement Mills : Up to 2MW
  • Large Fans & Blower : Up to 700 HP
  • Water Pumps : Up to 250 HP
  • Steam Turbines
  • Machinery Installation and Commissioning
  • Tank and Piping Installation and Insulation.

Our civil projects range from installation of foundations for machinery, to complete construction of plants and installation and commissioning of its equipment.


Barnaby Engineering is the local representative for one of Europe’s leading manufacture of Overhead cranes, STREET CRANE. We have established a firm relationship and is kept up-to date with their technical data and technological advances in their product. Our Engineers have The technical expertise to specify and install the most suitable crane for your space and application.

We have the expertise to undertake total refurbishing of existing cranes. Our contact with major Crane accessories manufactures enable our Engineers and technicians to recreate your cranes to look and perform better than how it was installation.

We at Barnaby Engineering and Testing Services Limited will tailor our services to the Specific need of the Client. Our philosophy of producing the highest quality service at very competitive prices by efficiency, standardization and computerization has made us the number one inspection and testing company locally.

Building Construction

Barnaby Engineering provides the highest quality standard in erecting a wide variety of infrastructure for our clients. Ranging from residential building renovations to commercial industry construction.

Concrete Construction Material Testing

Trial Mixes which include determining of Concrete Slump, Air Content and Creating of Test Specimens.

Field testing which includes equipment hire: Slump Cone and Compression test specimen molds (Cylinders and cubes). Nuclear Density Testing. Yield and Air content for freshly made concrete.

Non-Destructive rebound testing which includes the Impact Hammer and Ultrasonic Testing.

Lab Testing which includes Sieve Analysis, Proctor Testing, Organic Matter and Atterberg Limits.

Steel Erection
Electrical works
Industrial Maintenance